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GraceTMPL::Save::Template Struct Reference

Struct to hold template data. More...

#include <gracetmpl.h>

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Public Attributes

std::string filename_
 where the template is from

std::string header_
 All lines beginning with '#'.

StringVec common_
 Everything but graph, sets, strings.

String2Vec strings_
 All strings but param templates.

StringVecMap graphs_
 All information on graphs but sets.

StringVec2Map sets_
 All information on sets.

StringVec2Map params_
 All param templates.

String2Vec request_
 All set requests.

StringMap data_
 The original data from the template.

Copy2Map copy_
 Flags a Copy-data.

std::map< int, int > ignore_
 graphs hat shouldnot get data

int gpp_
 graphs per page

int ignores_
 graphs to ignore but process anyway

int useG0_
 G0 has dataset format of all graphs.

int valid_
 template is valid and can be used

Detailed Description

Struct to hold template data.

Since the strings stored in this structure might be reused for multiple puproses, they may not be altered in any way upon string expansion or alike - make sure to always work on copies.

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