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XmGrace is a very powerful tool to produce 2D-Plots of your data. However, though there is also support for running grace in batch mode there is a certain lack in support for automation. When it comes to producing a presentation of your data on many sheets and your preferred formatting of the data should change sometime in the process, you could easily be confronted with a bunch of work doing the necessary changes.

The GraceTMPL classes provide an easy way to use existing grace-files as a template to format any number of graphs in a predefined way and save them as grace-files. This way you can apply the same graphical appearance to all of your data. In case your preferences change, you just alter the template and reformat your complete set of data within the shortest amount of time.

The capabilities of GraceTMPL include:

See the 'screenshot' below for a first introduction to some of the features and section Examples and tests for more.

Project admins:
Andy Thaller <gandy at>
Andi Brodschelm <brodschelm at>


The image below shows an example template and the file produced using this template.

html demo-template-small.jpg html demo-output-small.jpg

Note, that the appearance of the graphs hasn't changed a bit, whereas the data and the variables have been exchanged by the application. On another page you can see some annotations to the template.

See the Examples and tests section to see more before/after images.



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